This is it for Antonio McDyess, he says he’s ready to retire


You know how some athletes say they are going to retire but they just keep coming back year after year after year, then they send pictures of their junk to hot young reporters, then they come back again.

None of that is happening with Antonio McDyess. Check out what he told Chris Tomasson of FanHouse and see if he sounds like a guy who wants another go around.

“No doubt,” McDyess said in an interview with FanHouse before Thursday’s game at Denver about retiring. “I’ve been in it for 16 years. I’m tired. My body is breaking down. I’m just tired. Enough is enough….

“(Playing) 16 years is a long time. I had fun. I’ve been blessed to play that long. Just to get to this point of my career is definitely a great thing. But I know when to say, ‘No (more).’ I know when to stop because I can’t do it no more. I’m out there and can’t run around with young guys and waking up with achy bones for no reason. That’s kind of telling me it’s time to let it go.”

McDyess actually is under contract for next season at $5.2 million but can be bought out for half that. Expect that to happen.

He’s had a good career. He has an Olympic Gold Medal from the 2000 games. He’s an All-Star (2001), NBA All-Rookie team back when he entered the league, had some big individual years in Denver, been on some good teams in Detroit and San Antonio, averaged 12 points and 7 boards a game.

Notice the one thing missing? A ring. That’s why he is playing this season with a renewed Spurs team that gives him a shot at it. But it looks like just this one shot.