New York tabloids welcome LeBron with all the love you’d expect


Maybe the only thing worse than a woman scorned is a New York tabloid headline writer scorned.

And make no mistake, New York feels scorned by LeBron. They thought he could choose nowhere else because, hey — they’re New York. It’s inconceivable you would choose warm weather and other superstars over New York.

Tonight LeBron and the Heat make their first appearance of the season at Madison Square Garden. It’s the first chance for the Knicks faithful to express their feelings to LeBron about his decisions this summer. The tabloids got the ball rolling.

There is the New York Post calling LeBron “LeChicken” in its headline.

To the right you can see the Daily News’ subtle approach on the front. Another headline on the back page calls him a “Beach Bum.”

There was a lot more venom and pure hatred in Cleveland when LeBron returned there. But tonight the crowd may be far cleverer in ripping him apart.

Of course, if the Heat blow out the Knicks like they did the Cavs, even the Madison Square Garden crowd will get plenty quiet.