Joe Dumars may have overstated trade possibilities for Pistons

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Here are two excerpts from interviews Pistons GM Joe Dumars recently gave to local media members.

The first one comes from an interview Dumars gave to Matt Dery of 97.1 The Ticket:

Two conversations I had with teams today, and they say, “You know what? Uh, that might work for us, but, you know, got to go and talk to the owner, got to go and talk to my head coach, and I’ll get back to you. So, you know, am I close? I hope so. I hope so.

And here’s a more recent one, which comes from an interview with beat writer Keith Langolis (audio of this clip has now been removed):

Langlois: Let me ask you some background stuff here. Um, I saw with Matt Dery, you said you were, you had some conversations, is there any players I should be…

Dumars: I talked to Matt after. I said, “Matt, you’ve got everybody asking me like, ‘You’ve got something imminent?’ ” What he asked me, you know, I’m, like, “Yeah, I’m talking, Matt, but you know, but am I close? I don’t know. Teams say, ‘Hey, you know,we kind of like that, you know.’ ”

Langlois: So there’s nothing?

Dumars: No, there’s nothing.

(Hat tip to Dan Feldman of Piston Powered for this)

There’s no telling whether or not this will become a major story or not, but it certainly doesn’t seem to reflect very well on Dumars. Fans of struggling teams often crave news of possible trades, and during an interview Dumars may have allowed those fans to believe the Pistons were closer to a trade than they actually are. Just another of how you can’t believe every rumor or possibility you hear, even if it comes from a GM.