Report: Knicks have asked about Joel Przybilla


Depth is clearly an issue for the Knicks — they went with an eight-man rotation technically against the Celtics, but it was really six as that is how many played 10 minutes or more. Every starter played at least 36 minutes. Big minutes will mean wear and tear on guys like Raymond Felton and Amar’e Stoudemire that could well come with a price later on during the long grind of the NBA season.

We’ve talked about the Knicks looking for a backup point guard, but they also are exploring getting another big man, according to Alan Hahn of Newsday.

One option, Joel Przybilla of the Portland Trail Blazers. Hahn reports there have been conversations between the two sides (which doesn’t tell you much, there are a lot of those conversations). There are those around the league that think the Blazers might start breaking up the current core and rebuilding, with it becoming clear that injuries will dampen the careers of Brandon Roy and Greg Oden.

You can bet the Knicks are asking about other bigs as well, because they need some guys to soak up minutes in the paint and rest their stars.