Remember Manu Ginobili’s UFO? Try Red Bull skydivers.


Last week we had concerns about Manu Ginobili being abducted by aliens. Or at least seeing a UFO of some kind while the team was in Los Angeles to knock off the Clippers.

Ginobili saw lights flying through the air in unusual ways that could not easily be explained….

Unless they were Red Bull skydivers.

Jon DeVore, writing on the Red Bull Airforce site (of course there is one, Red Bull is a marketing company that happens to make an energy drink) had this to say (via CBS Facts & Rumors):

As soon as I saw the videos on the news I busted up laughing.  It was us jumping with our night flares.  The next night my wife’s friend called her and told her that TMZ was reporting on it.  I went on line and found that quite a few people were posting on the sightings.  Even Manu Ginobili (San Antonio Spurs) saw the jump and reported UFO’s on his twitter and Face Book page.

So problem solved… or is it? I mean, if the government were going to cover up the existence of extra terrestrials among us wouldn’t coming up with “logical” explanations like this just be part of the standard operating procedure? How do we really know? For one thing, we all know Red Bull is controlled by powerful secret forces within our own government, right?