Dallas “touches base” with Denver about Melo, but reality says no way


We’re not telling you about this because it is likely to happen — you’re more likely to read a headline that says “President Obama, Rush Limbaugh now BFFs” — but rather to show just how widespread the interest in Carmelo Anthony is around the league.

The Dallas Mavericks have “continued to touch base” with the Denver Nuggets about Carmelo Anthony, according to Mike Fisher at Dallasbasketball.com.

This isn’t going to happen for a lot of reasons. One is that Denver wants to get Anthony out of the Western Conference if they trade him. Another is the Mavericks trade package — likely Caron Butler and his expiring deal, Rodrigue Beaubois and filler — is not heavy on young talent and draft picks the Nuggets want. Like the Nets are already offering. Oh, and there’s that little thing where Anthony wants to go to New York. We could go on, but you get the point

But the Mavericks contact with Denver illustrates the depth of interest out there from teams. Numerous other franchises whose names will never be mentioned in the Anthony sweepstakes will call Denver to kick the tires on a deal. See if anything is there. It’s how the league works, some level of these conversations happen all the time.

Doesn’t mean Melo is going to Dallas. He’s not.