Mark Cuban tries not to yell at players, chooses refs instead


Mark Cuban tries not to, which is more than we can say for Donald Sterling.

If you are invested — emotionally and financially — as an NBA owner, you bet you would get frustrated when your team doesn’t play well. Los Angeles Clippers owner Sterling has taken that frustration out by heckling players during games, particularly Baron Davis. Sterling doesn’t want to have to pay Davis but has no choice, so he just insults him during games as Sterling sits courtside. Classy.

Dallas Mavericks owner Cuban said he understands the frustration, but added that ripping players in game is not a place he will go, he told the Star-Telegram.

“It’s not easy being an NBA owner. You can get frustrated at times. But I try to be encouraging as much as I can, or just take it out on the refs.”

Cuban, though, admitted that his frustration has gotten the best of him at times, and he let his players have it.

“I’ve called out players — but knowing that they’re going to do better,” Cuban said. “I’m not screaming at them in the game. For me it’s just (telling the players) we’ve got to work harder, we’ve got to play smarter, we’ve got to pick our energy up. It’s more general than picking on guys. But like I said, I just take it out on the refs.”