Tyreke Evans to miss at least three games with that foot injury that wasn’t so bad


Remember how last week Tyreke Evans said he was going to see a foot specialist, which doesn’t sound good? But then the MRI came back and it was all just a mild case of plantar fasciitis. Which hurts like someone was stabbing your heel with every step — but no fracture, so yea!!

The pain is going to keep Evans out of the next three games, meaning a week off (until next Sunday), according to Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee on twitter.  and he misses showdowns with Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul. It kind of looked like he needed it after a lackluster performance against the Heat (5 points).

The Kings offense has been awful this season, in large part because the fearless attacking of the paint that made Evans Rookie of the Year last year has been replaced by a more passive Evans who is taking three fewer shots a game at the rim. Those are being replaced by little shots around the basket (less than 10 feet) where he is shooting 29.9 percent, and more three pointers, where he is shooting 29.5 percent.

Evans needs to get healthy and needs to get back to attacking the rim if the Kings are going to salvage anything from this season.