Memphis puts Hasheem Thabeet on the trade block… hello? Anyone out there? Bueller? Bueller?


Hasheem Thabeet was drafted out of Connecticut No. 2 overall as a project, nobody expected anything special right away but given time he would improve. He would take steady steps forward every season and become a top-flight center down the line.

So how is he doing in his second season? Well, he’s shooting 46.7 percent, down from 58.8 percent last season, and he seems less confident as he is shooting less. His rebounding is down to 9.3 percent of the available rebounds (that’s a small forward number not a 7-footer number and well off his 16.1 percent last season). His assists are down and his turnovers are way up – 27 percent of his possessions used end in a turnover.

And now all that can be yours — Memphis has put Thabeet out there as someone they wish to trade, according to David Aldridge of Simply put Marc Gasol is the center of the future, they have Zach Randolph and so you can have Thabeet.

The best part is Thabeet is not inexpensive — he is slated to make $5.1 million next season and $6.4 million the season after if you pick up his option. It’s a rookie deal but a No. 2 overall rookie deal.

However, if another team is willing to take on a project, if it has a “bigs whisperer” then maybe… nah, seriously. Memphis you may be stuck with this one for a while. If you move him it’s as salary filler.