Lakers write letters to injured soldiers, meet President Obama


Mr. President Barack Obama, why not just have the Lakers over to the White House again like you did last year?

“Kobe and Derek have been there so often they could lead tours by themselves. Same for Coach Jackson.” (via the LA Times Mike Bresnahan’s twitter account)

So they packed up the standard event every title team has and moved it to a Washington D.C. area Boys & Girls Club. The team got there early, sat down with the children and helped compose letters to service men and women stationed overseas during the holidays, turning the photo op into a charity event with a photo op.

Who was the most popular Laker with the kids? Mr. Kardashian (Lamar Odom) of course, because they all saw him on that reality show. Also, reporter Mike Trudell (who also took the photo on this page) noted that Ron Artest related very well to the 8-year-olds. (Go ahead and make that joke yourself.)

When the basketball savvy president arrived, he spoke with the players, ribbed Jackson about having one more ring with Obama’s Bulls than with the Lakers and just hung out. He talked with Shannon Brown and told Artest he’d love to play hoops with him someday.

It was all a bit contrived, still, some kind of public service instead of just a bunch of hand shaking and posing for photos is not a bad tradition to start.