Teams are calling about Marcin Gortat


With the season now in full swing, teams are starting to think they need to make a move. There’s a feeling that maybe someone else could help your team. And apparently Marcin Gortat is one such guy.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that teams have been hitting up Magic GM Otis Smith’s phone inquiring about the Polish Hammer, who has a long history of longing for somewhere other than Florida.  Gortat actually signed a $34 million contract as a restricted free agent, but the Magic inexplicably matched it, despite having just signed Brandon Bass. Quite an investment in a backup. Gortat wasn’t happy at the time about the signing, wanting a bigger role as well as the money. He’d likely welcome a change of scenery and an opportunity to do the dirty work for another team that needs him more.

Gortat has surprising touch around the basket and a scoring instinct, but still is far from first option. He is physical, though, a solid rebounder and defender and can block shots with the not-quite-best of them. Teams you could see being interested in Gortat include Toronto, Portland, Houston, Denver, and the Lakers (unlikely).

With Gortat averaging 10.7 points, 12.4 rebounds, and 2.0 blocks per 40 minutes, there will probably be continuing discussions for him, even as Orlando doesn’t know whether they’re coming or going.