Nets rookie Damion James out with broken foot


Avery Johnson has been trying to see what his young players have got, and so Damion James has been getting some run — at least 15 minutes in 8 of the last 9. Not that he has been giving them a not of production — 35 percent shooting and too many turnovers, but the rebounding has been nice — still he is getting a chance.

Or was. He has broken his foot and will be out for a while, as reported by Inside Hoops.

Exactly how long he’ll be out remains to be seen, specialists will look at this and decide.

Quinton Ross got the three spot start for the Nets against the Lakers (and the Kobe Bryant assignment) but the guy this really means a lot to is Terrence Williams. Back from the D-League, Avery Johnson has given Williams some run but now will have to trust him more. So long as he shows up to practice on time.