Byron Scott likes effort, will stick with new lineup. For at least a week.


Byron Scott had watched his team seemingly sulk through games ever since the Miami Heat destroyed them, and he had seen enough. He wanted to give them a swift kick in the, um, rear.

So Jamario Moon you can watch this one in a suit. JJ Hickson, take a seat. Antawn Jamison and Daniel Gibson, get in there.  Anthony Parker, you’re a small forward now.

Rumored lineup changes came into being for the Cavaliers Wednesday against the Bulls and the result was… another loss. But this was a game that the Cavaliers were in and looked like they would win until the Bulls went on a 14-3 run to end the game. Against the new starters, by the way. The same starters that let the Bulls jump out to a 10-0 lead.

Still, they tried (they followed the Bulls start with an 11-2 run of their own), and heart was something the Cavs have missed for a while. So Byron Scott told the Plain Dealer he is going to stick with this starting lineup. For a week at least.

“And if that’s not working, we’ll change it up again,” he said.

Right now they Cavs are not talking about trades, things like getting Jamison off the books for more youth and flexibility. They will soon, but they are not officially there yet. Right now their still trying roster changes.