Byron Scott’s wife wants him to yell at officials more


Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott is out of the Pat Riley, old-school mode in some ways — hard practices and he expects his guys to bust it on the court. Every time.

He’s also willing to bend the ear of an official. And by bend I mean use language that would make a sailor blush. Which can get him into trouble.

It did recently, and Scott’s wife would like to see more of that. I’ll let Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld explain.

I mentioned that Byron Scott was fined $35,000 by the league after criticizing the referees following a loss to the Orlando Magic. Scott wasn’t concerned and responded, “My checkbook is fine.” He wasn’t kidding. The head coach’s wallet is in such good shape that he lets his wife, Anita, go on a shopping spree of equal value each time he receives a fine from the league.

Christmas baby! Santa’s sleigh is going to have to carry about $35,000 extra this year. At least.