Andre Miller calls league “soft” after suspension

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Andre Miller did not play Tuesday night for the Portland Trail Blazers — the first time in 632 regular season games, or since the Matrix Reloaded.

The reason is a blindside check on Blake Griffin. If he could have, he would have had his stick up on that one and slammed him into the boards. The two had been pushing and Miller had the last word, which the league didn’t like. Watch the video.

Miller was ticked about losing his streak and the circumstances, and went off to the Columbian.

“(The Streak) means a lot. Obviously it doesn’t mean anything to the league. I take pride in it. I did what I did. I didn’t it think it was something that ruled a suspension. I’ll get the opportunity to it again definitely.”

His reaction to the suspension: “I was surprised. I actually wasn’t even notified. I found out toward the evening when I was sleeping that there would be a suspension. It just shows you how soft the league has gotten, protecting young players. It’s not like it was when I came in this league.”

On whether he thinks the collision will trigger referees to watch Blake Griffin more closely: “No, not really, because he’s going to get away with it. I don’t have nothing against him being an aggressive big man. I don’t think I would have been suspended if there was a flagrant foul called on the court. Camby whacked someone in the face and he didn’t get suspended. The rules don’t apply to everyone.”

Miller apparently enjoys writing checks to the league, because he almost certainly will for that. And by the way, the suspension was warranted, yes there had been pushing but that was a cheap shot when Griffin wasn’t looking.