Among Rajon Rondo’s many injuries the hamstring is the worst

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Rajon Rondo may not go Wednesday night for Boston, taking another night off to rest his laundry list of injuries.

There’s the plantar fasciitis in his foot, the knee pain, the sore hamstring. So, which one is the worst, ESPN Boston asked coach Doc Rivers?

“[An extended break] may come at some point. I don’t think it’s a bad suggestion. It’s been suggested already, I can tell you that. (Rondo) knows when it’s close enough to play.

“The injury scares me. Both the foot and the hamstring. The foot is not the problem right now, but the hamstring can go from a pull to a tear. When you get the tear, you are talking two months so it’s a tough little situation.”

So the winner is door number three — the hamstring. Congratulations, you have won…. rest.

An extended rest (which might only be a week or so) may be the call. The Celtics have been good the last couple seasons about rest and making sure that key guys are right come the playoffs, even if that means sacrificing games in the regular season. Rivers is right, hamstrings can linger. The only real cure for plantar fasciitis is rest. Which mean Rondo may need a break.