Tyreke Evans to see specialist for plantar fasciitis


During the preseason, Tyreke Evans admitted that he is battling plantar fasciitis, but nobody thought it was all that serious as Paul Westphal ran him out there for 40 minutes one preseason game.

But apparently it is bothering him, as he sent out this tweet today.

Goin go see a foot physician for my plantar faciaitis…. don’t y’all worry ima be good ma agent just wanted me to get checked out! Blessed

If you should be worried depends on how severe this is and gets.

Plantar fasciitis — an inflammation of a band of connective tissue across the bottom of the foot that presents as heel pain — is fairly common in the NBA. Hazard of the job (and sometimes poor fitting shoes). It’s not serious in the career threatening, Andrew Bogut’s elbow kind of way. But it also is a lingering, painful condition. Remember Joakim Noah missed 18 games last season trying to get over a severe case.

The problem is the only way you get rid of it is rest. There is ice treatment, stretching and wearing a boot to immobilize the foot, but at the end of the day it takes rest. And Evans is not in a position to just rest.

Evans has tried to be more of a playmaker this season, has tried to rely more on a reworked jump shot, but that shot has been off and the Kings have struggled. He has been pushed to be more aggressive again, to be more of the constantly attacking rookie-of-the-Year Evans, and we’ve seen a little of that. But one thing that would hold him back is constant foot pain.

He’s playing through it now, but it’s something to watch.