A few good reasons Renaldo Balkman isn’t playing in Denver


The Denver Nuggets have been desperate for front court help this season, looking for some support from anywhere while they waited for the recently returned Chris Anderson and the not-yet-back Kenyon Martin to get right.

Yet there sat Renaldo Balkman, the forward and former first round pick of the Knicks, barely able to get off the bench. Why is that? Denver Post Nuggets writer pulled no punches.

He hasn’t been giving it his all at practice. His focus has been wishy-washy. I’ve been told he doesn’t know all the plays and he doesn’t always make the best decisions on the court. And so, it’s understandable why other guys are getting more playing time (or, well — playing time in general).

Balkman is in his third season in Denver and he can’t get the plays right? Damn.

Balkman has played 14 minutes total in the two games he has gotten into this season for the Nuggets. Probably shouldn’t draft him on your fantasy team at this point.