Doc Rivers might consider sitting Rajon Rondo for a stretch


We saw this attitude last season — Boston’s Doc Rivers was willing to sacrifice regular season games to keep his guys healthy and rested come the playoffs. It worked.

Sunday, Rajon Rondo sat out for the Celtics, a last-minute scratch due to a sore hamstring. But hamstrings can be slow to heal and Rondo has a number of other nagging injuries, so Rivers told the Boston Globe he may sit him for a bit.

“We get a two-day break after this, and that’s one of the things that went into this [thinking]. We’re just going to try to get through it.’’

The Celtics have gotten good scoring out of Nate Robinson when he starts for Rondo — he averaged 17.8 points per game as a starter — but the team assists and offensive flow are not quite the same. Plus, they miss Rondo’s perimeter defense.

The “chill out and get healthy” mantra also applies to Jermaine O’Neal as well. He’ll be working out this week and may return to the court next week, the Globe reports.