Rajon Rondo’s rare feat: averaging more assists than points


Rajon Rondo sat out today against the New Jersey Nets, his hamstring still sore and the team wanting to play it safe. Why safe? Because Rondo is having a historic season.

So far, Rondo is averaging 14.1 assists and 11.4 points per game, orchestrating a more balanced Celtics attack.

In a great note at the New York Times Off the Dribble blog by Benjamin Hoffman, we find out just how rare a feat averaging more assists than points really is — John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Steve Nash have never done it.

…since the N.B.A. began in 1946 it has happened just twice. The last time a player accomplished the feat was 1996-97, when Mark Jackson averaged 11.4 assists and 9.9 points for the Indiana Pacers and the Denver Nuggets. Before that, Johnny Moore averaged 9.6 assists and 9.4 points a game for the 1981-82 San Antonio Spurs.

Right now when Rondo is on the floor, 48 percent of his possessions end in an assist according to Hoopdata. The only person even in his ballpark with that is Jason Kidd — so it’s a pretty good ballpark to be in.