Antoine Walker clears background check, will shimmy into D-League Tuesday

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Antoine Walker’s NBA comeback via the D-League — at least that’s the plan, anyway — has become a reality as he has cleared the league’s background check.

That means he will go on waivers and be picked up by the 0-4 Idaho Stampede in the next 72 hours, as reported by Scott Schroeder at FanHouse. We told you a few days ago this was happening, but now his contract with the league is official.

Tuesday, Walker and his shimmy will come to Idaho.

Because when you think of Idaho you think of potatoes, blue turf and Antoine Walker.

Walker has game, or at least had it — he is a three time All Star who averaged 17.5 points a game for his career. He even has a ring from the 2006 Miami Heat (don’t ask Mark Cuban about that). But he is now 34 and has been out of the league for three years. Last season he couldn’t even stick in the Puerto Rican league.

But reports now are that he has been working out hard — including with MJ’s guy Tim Grover in Chicago — and is in pretty good shape. Whether he has any game left remains to be seen.

Why the comeback? You can believe the “love of the game” spin that certainly will come, but we think financial issues are the more likely motivation. (The max D-League contract is for $25,000, but it is less the money than a stepping stone to the NBA and real money.)

That said, it still will be fun to have Walker’s shimmy back on the court. Even in Idaho.