LeBron, Cavaliers in-game talk not so friendly

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A chorus of people — led by Charles Barkley — questioned what looked like some friendly banter between the LeBron James and the Cavaliers bench Thursday night.

For the most part, people have questioned how the Cavs could joke around with the guy kicking their, um, behind.

But apparently it wasn’t that friendly. As Daniel Gibson told the Associated Press.

Some things went on last night,” Gibson said, “that I didn’t like.”

But it looked like everyone was joking around

“I’ve heard that, and that kind of rubs me the wrong way,” Gibson said. “We all know LeBron and we all know that he enjoys being in front of the camera. To say we were fraternizing and being friendly … nobody knows what was said and the things that were said probably could not be repeated right now. We wanted to win the game and those guys brought it to us…

“I think people, from the outside looking in, might say we were laughing and joking with him, but if you could hear the things that were said, you would know that wasn’t the case,” Gibson said. “There was nothing friendly about the conversation we had.”

If so, that was the one thing the Cavs did right last night.