Report: League rescinds Carmelo Anthony’s second technical


Carmelo Anthony was thrown out of the game in the third quarter of the team’s win Wednesday night over Miami.

But now the league has rescinded the second technical, according to Chris Tomasson of FanHouse.

In the third quarter, Anthony drove the lane and thought his shot should have counted because it was goaltending by the Bucks Larry Sanders. Anthony came up toward referee Eric Dalen to discuss the non-call, and Dalen gave him one of those “respect the game” technical. Under the way the rules are currently being enforced that was a technical.

The second came almost instantly from referee Jason Phillips on another part of the floor.

“(Dalen) said I walked up on him, the first tech,” Anthony said after practice Thursday. “Then the second one, (Phillips) was just out of place, I think. (Phillips) came out to try to back his man up, back his partner up. Me and (Dalen) came to a conclusion about what happened. We were already talking. Then (Phillips) came down and told me I wasn’t a captain (Anthony is one), and told me to keep quiet and to get away.”

“He didn’t have anything to do with it,” Anthony said of Phillips. “Me and (Dalen) were already having good dialogue, and (Phillips) came from the opposite end of the court. And he ran all the way down to tell me I’m not a captain. I thought George (Karl, Denver’s coach) had told him that he stripped my captaincy away from me or something. I don’t know why (Phillips) said I wasn’t a captain. … He said I didn’t go to the circle (before the game) so that’s why I wasn’t able to talk to the refs.”

The move would save Anthony a $1,500 fine.

Anthony still has six technical fouls on the season so far, which ties him for the league lead.