Report: Carmelo Anthony not interested in New Jersey


CBS’s Ken Berger threw this little note in at the end of his weekly column:

…executives are becoming more convinced that Anthony would not agree to an extension with the Nets — a stance that could kill New Jersey’s months-long bid for the superstar once and for all.

The reason is he doesn’t want to spend two years in the purgatory of Newark before the Nets move to Brooklyn.

This brings us back to what we’ve said before about this situation — both sides are going to have to give a little to get a deal done. The Nuggets have to realize they will not get equal value and if they move him figure out what is the best package to start rebuilding. Anthony is going to have to accept other destinations besides New York and Chicago, unless he wants to go the free agent route (and risk making considerably less money under a new collective bargaining agreement).

Right now, it sounds like neither side is willing to budge. That’s how we got to right here. Right now neither side feels like it has to give an inch. It may take the pressure of the trade deadline to get things to change.