James, Heat players trying to prepare for Cleveland like every other game

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It’s going to be different. Everyone knows tonight’s Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavaliers game is going to be emotional and raucous.

But a few hours before tip off, Heat players told FanHouse they were feeling comfortable and just trying to treat this like any other basketball game.

LeBron James said the game itself might be a refuge.

“I feel mellow right now. That will change as we’re going to the meetings, getting ready to prepare for that team, get on the bus, head over to the arena, actually go through the tunnel, walk through the hallways and actually stop at the first locker room.

“Once you’re on the court, honestly, you’re able to not think about it as much. This is what we do. Any distractions, if you ask any professional athlete, once they get into their zone, field, court, or whatever the case may be, it’s easy to forget about everything else and just focus on what you do best.

“Once that ball is tipped off … I’ll be ready.”

Dwyane Wade talked about routine.

“The biggest thing is to be consistent with the way we approach and get ready for games. As a team we all have a lot of fun together getting ready for games. We just have to keep it up and keep his mind on basketball as much as possible. It’s going to be very emotional for him.