Odds better James gets in fight with Cleveland fan than passes on powder toss

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Gambling is bad, we certainly would never encourage it. You should not set up an offshore account and bet on unpredictable sporting events. You should definitely not take the Texans and the eight points against the Eagles on Thursday. This is strictly for entertainment.

That said, the proposition bets posted by Bodog.com on LeBron James’ and the Miami Heat’s return to Cleveland Thursday night are interesting.

You can get 30/1 odds that LeBron will get in a physical altercation with a fan in Cleveland (no, Leon Powe is still considered a player whether he gets to take the sweats off or not). The odds are 1/50 that James does his pregame powder toss.

To be clear, the odds are dramatically shorter that LeBron will get in a fight with a fan than skip his pregame ritual. Although, doing said ritual may bring him closer to the physical altercation (no, you can’t bet it as a parlay).

Other odds include the over/under on points James scores being 26.5, the over/under on assists is 7.5, on rebounds it is 7.