Albert Belle tells Clevelanders to be nice to LeBron


Albert Belle is now the voice of reason. Which also means the end times are upon us, so prepare yourself.

Belle — the ill-tempered power hitter for the Indians who left for a big contract, and who knows what it is like to be booed by Clevelanders — is hoping everyone acts like adults when LeBron James and the Cavaliers come to Cleveland Thursday night, as he told the Plain Dealer.

“My advice to LeBron is to take the high road and act professional,” said Belle. “I hope the fans do the same. I don’t want them to embarrass themselves on TV. I’d like to see everybody hug and kiss before the game and then the fans can boo the heck out of LeBron during the game.”

He’ll get his wish on the booing. Belle got booed and worse. He left Cleveland for the big money contract in Chicago with the White Sox in 1997 — and for Belle’s homecoming someone had rented a plane so he could drag a derogatory message over the stadium. But that wasn’t all.

“It was crazy,” said Belle. “They were throwing batteries. Someone threw a pair of binoculars.”

It could happen again, although everyone is hoping that is not the case. Even Belle.