Larry Brown expects Stephen Jackson to just keep getting technicals


Stephen Jackson got ejected in the first quarter Saturday night for arguing with the referee. This was not one of those lame new “respect the game” technicals where he got T’d up for a fist pump or accidentally glancing in the direction of a referee — Jackson thought he was fouled on a drive and as the play moved back up the court Jackson stayed behind to argue with Eli Roe about it. He earned the technical.

Charlotte lost that game by three points, having to go without their leading scorer for 43 minutes of it.

Monday Larry Brown tried to get the message to Stephen Jackson that the Bobcats need him on the court. Stop getting ejected. Except Brown also told the Charlotte Observer he’s not convinced Jackson can do that.

“It affects him, it affects our team. We’ve got a key player who’s in the locker room,’’ Brown said, referring to Jackson’s ejection, 4 ½ minutes into Saturday’s loss in Milwaukee.

“I don’t know how things are going to change,’’ Brown added. “I understand from his perspective what’s going on, but that’s the way it is: As hard as it is for a player to understand that, you’ve got to play through (emotion). You’re too important to our team. We need you on the court.’’

Brown and the Bobcats may have to play without him for one more game — a suspension is a real possibility after the ejection. That is expected to be announced Tuesday. At the very least, Jackson will be writing a big check to the league.