DeMarcus Cousins kicked out of Sacramento practice


Remember how at Summer League a lot of people were watching DeMarcus Cousins play and saying, “how did he drop all the way to No.5?” (I’m sheepishly raising my hand…)

Well, um, the rumors of him being difficult to deal with are apparently more than rumors.

DeMarcus Cousins was kicked out of Kings practice today by coach Paul Westphal, according to a tweet by Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee. No details on why yet, but we’re all looking forward to that (and the spin that comes with it).

There apparently have been repeated clashes between Cousins and the Kings coaching staff, which has led to fines and more. Of course, this didn’t stop other teams from calling about Cousins (kind of the opposite).

But that gives the Kings two very talented young players with reputations of being challenging to deal with at times (Tyreke Evans is the other, though apparently not on the scale of Cousins). If you don’t think chemistry matters, go try to find the Kings in the standings (and they are 1-9 in their last 10).