Andre Johnson’s fight inspired Shane Battier


Everybody has seen Andre Johnson’s fight with with Cortland Finnegan from Sunday’s Texans/Titans game. (If you haven’t put on ESPN for about a minute, they are running it roughly that often.)

Shane Battier saw it, and then he saw Johnson courtside Sunday night when the Rockets were taking on the Thunder. And Battier was inspired — enough for the forward to put up 18 points on 7 of 11 shooting, he told the Houston Chronicle.

“I saw the champ,” Battier said. “The champ goes from a tough game, showing what it means to be a fighter, coming, sitting courtside at the Rockets tonight. I saw the champ. After the crowd got hyped, I got hyped. The champ is responsible for this win. I will roll with Andre Johnson every day of the week. That fired me up when I saw him.”

No word on if Roger Goodell will try to suspend Battier, too.