Melo likes his space in the locker room


Those of you who had a student transfer or move during your high school years know the sweet joy of the locker next to yours being empty. All that space! Having all that room, and if the person on the other side wasn’t using it, you could even stash stuff in it if yours became too crowded. A splendid perk that was.

Apparently it’s the kind of thing Carmelo Anthony takes very seriously.

The New York Post continues their fascination with Melo this morning with an in-depth look at Melo’s locker-room habits, which are, to say the least, a bit excessive. From ye old Post:

In a league of bennies beyond belief, Carmelo Anthony has to be the first in history whose domain distends three full stalls, one on each side (where he stores assorted belongings) of his lounging locale.

“Four, actually,” Harrington corrected, pointing at Gary Forbes, two stalls removed. “That’s his rookie. He controls him and his space, too.”

First off, Al Harrington, stop snitchin’. Second, geez, Melo.  What are you storing in those things? Are you bringing steamer trunks with you to games? Do you have an elaborate voodoo setup like Cerrano in “Major League”? What could you possibly need that much space for?

Maybe it’s snacks. Or guides to New York (which the Post was no doubt looking for). Or maybe the dude just likes his space. I’ve smelled NBA players’ colognes. I’d want some real estate between me and them as well.