David Lee returns from gross elbow injury


David Lee had a scary injury when he was accidentally bitten by Wilson Chandler (Chandler lost a bunch of teeth in the collision). It was was also a really gross injury. You see, the human mouth has a ton of bacteria in it and getting sharp pieces of tooth stuck in your elbow tends to lead to infection, which is what happened to Lee, leaving him in the hospital. He got out a few days ago and last night returned to action in the Warrior’s 104-94 win over the hapless Wolves last night.

Lee managed a 10-point 5 of 15 shooting night with 6 boards in 42 minutes, showing obvious rust after the gross injury (seriously, really gross). But the biggest benefactor of Lee’s return? Dorell Wright, who nailed a Golden State record 9 threes on his way to 30 points (9-12 from the arc). Take a second and realize that after the run and gun and run history of the Don Nelson Warriors, Wright set the record for made three pointers in franchise history. That’s pretty striking. And Lee, for whatever reason, has a lot to do with Wright’s success.

Via Marcus Thompson on Twitter comes this tasty nugget:

“With David Lee in the lineup, Wright¬†is shooting 57% from 3-point range. Without Lee in the lineup, he’s shooting 19% from three.”

Geez. If I were Wright I’d be taking Lee to the casinos. Anyway, good to see Lee back on the floor after that gross (so gross!) injury.