Are the Nuggets delaying a ‘Melo trade to improve draft pick?


Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated put out a Carmelo Anthony trade theory via twitter on Friday:

Interesting ‘Melo theory floated at me by a couple execs this week. Nets want Melo. DEN wants Nets package of Favors, Murphy, picks. But DEN thinking if they trade Melo now, that NJN pick becomes worse when Melo makes the Nets better. DEN holds onto Melo until February (presumably) the Nets struggle, pick stays high and Nuggets get Melo to boost attendance.

There is some logic to that, but dang is that a risky strategy. In part because Derrick Favors has played pretty well so far — this is a guy considered a very raw project who couldn’t do a lot for you right now, but it turns out he is already a solid NBA player. If he is going to improve as expected, if he fits in with what the Nets do now, why move him? Even for Carmelo? Besides that, the longer you wait the more variables that can enter the picture and change it completely.

We’ve warned this could happen before — if Denver thinks the market for Anthony will get better as the trade deadline approaches, they may instead find out teams will start cutting them off at the knees by lessening offers. The general consensus around the league is that Anthony is not going to re-sign in Denver, that they have no choice but to move him. That may or may not be reality, but that’s what other teams are thinking. And they are looking at any trade for ‘Melo through those glasses.

This is going to get interesting. And probably end badly.