Anyone want Brandan Wright? Apparently he’s on the trade block.

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This early in the season you don’t see a lot of trades, and the rumors of guys who will get moved closer to the deadline just start to bubble to the surface.

Meet Brandan Wright. The forward is part of a crowded Golden State front court and can’t really crack the rotation in a serious way. And now, according to Marc Stein of ESPN, he can be yours if the price is right.

Wright is one of those guys with a lot of athleticism and potential, but he had some injury issues and never has seemed to really get over the hump. His offensive game was never blowing you away and this season seems to have taken a step back. The minutes are there with David Lee and Ekpe Udoh out, but Wright hasn’t grabbed them (at least to Keith Smart’s way of looking at things).

Maybe a change of surroundings helps him. But if you’re looking to add a young forward to your front court, you’ll have options, Stein notes. Sacramento’s Jason Thompson and Chicago’s James Johnson are on the block, too. We’ll see what value any of them can fetch as we get past Dec. 15 and trades start to happen.