Nuggets wanted Brook Lopez in Carmelo Anthony trade


Now it is coming into focus why the Nets and Nuggets have never quite worked out the Carmelo Anthony trade…

According to Sam Amick at FanHouse, the Nuggets wanted the one untouchable on the Nets Roster.

… although a league source with knowledge of the Nets’ discussions said Denver has pushed instead for third-year center Brook Lopez in the outdated dealings when it comes to seeking a premier young talent. And as has always been the case, that topic appears to be a nonstarter as far as the Nets are concerned.

Of course they wanted Lopez, I want to win the Nobel Prize for physics, but that’s just about as likely to happen. Derrick Favors you can have. Same with Devin Harris. Good young players but if a marquee name is coming back you can get them out of New Jersey.

But Lopez? Nobody gives up a 23-year-old future All-Star center, the kind of anchor in the middle that is hard to find. Lopez is a franchise building block, and even if the Nets were getting Carmelo Anthony it does no good if you can’t pair him with the likes of Lopez. Of course that was a nonstarter.

What Denver eventually gets for Anthony is going to be a lot less than what they expected.