Billups wants to stay in Denver, knows that may not happen


Remember when Chauncey Billups was brought in to Denver, a change at the point as the shoot-first Allen Iverson went to Detroit?

That move changed who the Nuggets were, it brought a seriousness and professionalism to their identity. That is when they became a threat in the West.

Billups likes it in Denver, but he knows he is not getting an extension of his deal that ends after this season, with him making $14.2 million. He knows if Carmelo Anthony is traded he likely will be (and teams have called about him).

Billups told the Denver Post he wishes all that was different because he would prefer to stay in the Mile High city.

“Sure, absolutely. I never want to leave here again. I want to be a Nugget for the rest of my career, whether that’s four, five years, whatever. They know that.

“But I also know the business of basketball. Nothing really surprises me in this game. People talk about Carmelo (Anthony), the possibility of me being moved, the J.R. (Smith) situation — there are a lot of uncertainties around here. I don’t like being part of the uncertainty. But that’s what it is, that’s the nature of the beast. I’ve been down the road….

“I know how this business goes. I respect the process. At the same time, I know what I’ve done to change the culture around here. I’m not a me-me guy, but I know the position of the state of the franchise before I got here. I hope that doesn’t go unappreciated.”

If nothing else, that should never go unappreciated.