Batum on ‘Melo: “We know that he doesn’t want to play defense.”


What was Portland’s offensive strategy Thursday night against Denver? How did Wes Mathews and Nicolas Batum end up with 34 points between them?

Batum said the plan was to attack with whomever Carmelo Anthony was guarding, he told the Associated Press.

“We tried to attack him,” Batum said. “We know that he doesn’t want to play defense.”

As for that offensive foul Batum drew that was Anthony’s sixth of the game and sent him to the pine…

“Every time he goes left, I know he’s going to spin. Almost every time,” said Batum, who added, “I was surprised they called it.”

Just mark it on the calendar, Tuesday Dec. 28 — the day the Nuggets face the Blazers again, this time in Denver. Anthony may well just go off that night.