Andrew Bynum’s return timetable pushed back. Who saw that coming?


Two bits of news we should have expected around Thanksgiving:

1) President Barack Obama would pardon some turkeys.

2) Andrew Bynum would not be back on the court when he or the team expected.

In the case of the latter there had been some talk of Bynum being ready to go for the Lakers around Thanksgiving, but now the second week of December looks more likely. Kevin Ding at the Orange County Register lays it out.

Bynum had told (coach Phil) Jackson last week that it might require him three weeks of practice workouts before a game debut, but Jackson pushed to look more at two weeks. That leads Jackson to the Dec. 10 plan, which is the start of a six-game Eastern trip for the Lakers. The last home game before that trip is Dec. 8 vs. the Clippers.

“We’re not backing down from our timetable, which we’d hoped (for),” Jackson said. “But we still have to take it really slow once he gets on the floor.”

The Lakers continue to look another big man short term to help out until Bynum can play, because Theo Ratliff is out and that has meant heavy minutes for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Jake Voskuhl and Paul Davis are options being considered.