CBA talks include “frank and direct dialogue.” That’s swell.

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We have no idea what really happened in the negotiation session between the NBA owners and the Players Association. And trusting any crafted public statements from them is about like trusting one from your congressman.

Still, here is the report out of today’s session, according to Art Garcia at

“We held another bargaining meeting today that included frank and direct dialogue that allowed us to discuss some key issues. We still have much work ahead of us and we agreed to meet again in December.”

We know that on hand was NBA Commissioner David Stern, his right hand man and lead negotiator Adam Silver, NBA Players Association President Derek Fisher, and NBAPA Executive Director Billy Hunter. So, all the big guns.

We can only hope it was frank and direct, because the two sides are a long way apart. Both sides have said the All-Star weekend negotiations probably will give us a much better indication of where everything stands. But at least they are talking at a conference table over their Diet Cokes and turkey sandwiches. And they will again. It’s all we can really ask.