This time they mean it: Eva Longoria files for divorce from Tony Parker


UPDATE 9:13 pm: Tony Parker commented briefly on his divorce before the Spurs game Wednesday night, trying to draw a distinction between his public and private lives.

1: 06 pm: Two days ago her people were denying it up and down, but today the papers were in court — Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from Tony Parker.

Apparently whomever TMZ paid off for their information was right after all.

Parker and Longoria started dating in 2006 and were married a year later. They seemed the classy ones of the NBA’s glamour couple, just somehow a little above it all.

But being married is work. Being a rich and famous power couple makes it harder, the temptations are everywhere. No snark here, divorce is not really something I find humor in. Sucks for them. The couple has no children and does have a prenuptial agreement.