His doctor says David Lee’s elbow still looks like he was in a bar brawl


David Lee did what he had been trained to do since junior high — get the rebound. Use your big body, that is your ball.

That space this time happened to include Wilson Chandler’s face. And teeth. Which is where Lee’s elbow landed.

I know nothing about Chandler’s state of oral hygiene — it’s called flossing, check it out — but Lee’s elbow became seemingly instantly infected and got to the point he had to have two surgeries (the latest on Monday) to flush it out. As of Tuesday morning, Lee was still in the hospital and may miss a few more weeks recovering.

The doctor who treated Lee said there was nothing that could really have been done differently, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. And he said it still wasn’t good.

Dr. Bill Maloney said the infection probably could not have been avoided, explained the process for treatment, and offered a glowing outlook on Lee’s recovery…

“The die was cast when he got the tooth through the skin with a deep enough puncture wound to allow the bacteria to get in there.”…

“We tend to underestimate it, but those are just bad wounds,” Maloney said. “A mouth is so dirty that when there’s a puncture wound, it often ends up just like this. We see them most typically on a Saturday night in the ER when somebody gets into a bar brawl.”

Like a hamstring injury, the doctor said that this infection is something that needs to fully heal or there is the risk of recurrence. No timetable on Lee’s return, but it likely will be a couple weeks, not days.