Stan Van Gundy promises to try and do something he will inevitably not do

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With his team reeling after consecutive losses and trying to find their way back to dominance, Stan Van Gundy got desperate and turned to a measure of last resort.

Not yelling.

Before the Magic’s narrow 91-90 win over the New Jersey Nets, Stan Van Gundy told reporters that he planned on trying to ease off the guys from his usual screaming, yelling, general haranguing act. From the Orlando Sentinel:

“I think I can help ‘em a little bit by getting off their backs a little bit,” Van Gundy said during his pregame media availability. “I’ll try to do my part, and I think we’ll see guys make a good effort.

“I’ve been frustrated with our energy and defense, but I think I’ve actually made it worse by the constant harping. Guys know what they need to do, and I need to just coach ‘em. It’s a thing I fall back into a lot and need to correct a little bit. I can help ‘em a little bit by still coaching ‘em – correcting ‘em — but getting off their backs a little bit.”

That’s a really nice effort by Stan. And hey, they won! Sure, it was a last second win over the Nets, but still! Victories abound when you love your neighbor! Based on the success this new, laid back Van Gundy has had, we predict he should be calm, cool, and collected for about forty five to fifty seconds. Good luck with that, Stan.