Report: DeMarcus Cousins’ behavior is garnering offers, not caution

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So you’d think that getting fined by your team for clashing with coaches would be a bad thing. Turns out DeMarcus Cousins has really only improved his stock by being, you know, DeMarcus Cousins. After getting fined earlier this week for what Marc Stein described as a series of clashes leading to “tension” in the locker room, today word comes from NBA FanHouse’s Sam Amick that three teams inquired about his availability, hoping to cash in on the Kings’ frustration with Cousins.


Interesting note here, Amick sources the offers from someone close to Cousins. Who, naturally, would rather be seen as such a valuable commodity rather than a malcontent who other teams are running away from, including the Kings. Still, if the offers are authentic, it creates kind of a weird scenario for the Kings. Cousins is immensely talented, but is he worth the headache? On a team that’s struggling under the weight of Tyreke Evans’ enormous expectations, injury issues, and the team generally sucking, Cousins is a hassle the Kings may not want to deal with.

But then you look at the numbers, the potential, the ability, and you wonder if there isn’t a better alternative. That alternative needs to be patience. Cousins screams and yells? Fine him, and move on. Treat him like you would a third-grader, deal with him and move on. You don’t win much by letting Cousins drag you down to his level. Hold the line, keep calm, and carry on.