All you need is Love — Kevin gets 31 points, 31 rebounds


The Detroit Pistons were in the visiting locker room at Staples Center, having just beaten the Clippers, when all of a sudden Tracy McGrath just let’s out a “day-am” that turns heads when he saw it on his phone, according to Eric Incus of HoopsWorld.

Rudy Gay was tweeting about it.

Even for other NBA players, Kevin Love’s 31 point, 31 rebound night is insane. You read that right, 31-31.

The last person to have a 30-30 night was Moses Malone 28 years ago. Love had 15 rebounds in the third quarter alone.

We’ve been preaching Love a lot here at PBT, but he has not gotten the love of coach Kurt Rambis, who has kept his minutes down in some games questioning his focus and defense. As we said before, that’s a great theory if you’re replacing him with a quality player, but Love is the best guy on the Minnesota roster. This is why you need to give him lots of run.

What Love did was help the Timberwolves pull a Jazz — they were down by 21 early in the third but came back to win their third game of the season.