Keith Smart says rebounding key to Warriors start


Golden State is different this season. You can see it in the 6-3 record, you can see it in better effort — well, any effort — on defense.

But coach Keith Smart told KNBR in San Francisco (via Sports Radio Interviews) that the biggest difference has been in rebounding — the Warriors are one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the league this season (grabbing 29 percent of their missed shots, third best in the Association).

Our team is so different from last year. We have two guys that can rebound the ball. We had to get tough rebounds and we couldn’t do that last year. We couldn’t do that at all last year. When you have Andres Biedrins back, you acquire David Lee, and you have Dorell Wright’s toughness, rebounding is toughness. The rebounds don’t just come to you, you have to go and get a rebound. Those guys brought that. I think because our team can do that, that’s why we’re able to hang on to a game like last night’s game or have a chance to compete with a team like Utah because you can rebound with them and you can limit those good teams or teams that can score second or third chance opportunities. We gave up so much of that last year. That’s why our team is different compared to last year.