Heat’s Mike Miller wants to be back for the Lakers on Christmas


While the rest of us are filled with a slight dread thinking about Christmas — unless you’re one of those organized a—— who has finished their shopping already — Mike Miller is counting down the days like a six-year-old.

He’s set that day as the new goal for his return to the Heat lineup. The day they take on the Lakers on national television. That’s what he told ESPN’s Heat Index.

“It’s definitely getting better, but it’s still sore,” Miller told ESPN.com Thursday night before the Heat faced the Boston Celtics at American Airlines Arena. “My goal is to get out there a little quicker than we thought. I’m looking to be out there ready to go when we play the Lakers.”

Miller was supposed to be the Heat’s designated sharpshooter, but he caught his thumb in the jersey of a teammate during a practice and ripped it up pretty good — a fracture and ligament damage that required surgery. Of course it was on his shooting hand.

The original target return date was in January, but Miller says he is ahead of schedule right now.

“I just have to let that the screw they inserted heal near the bone,” Miller said. “But it’s getting better. After we get this [brace] off, it will take about three weeks [of rehabilitation]. I’m probably going to have to wear some kind of brace when I start to play, but it’ll be all right.”

Miller certainly would be a welcome weapon and improve the spacing in the Heat’s offense. And they could use that against the Lakers.