Brandon Roy has fluid drained from knee, to see specialist

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Brandon Roy is not right. Ron Artest called it after defending him the other night. Roy conceded he had not been attacking as much, one of the best players in the Association at getting in the lane and drawing contact has been settling for more jumpers. He tried to play it off as part of the grand design and evolution of his game. He wasn’t settling, this was a ground attack, part of a plan to rest his body for the playoffs.

Right. But now comes a report from the Oregonian that twice already since camp he had fluid drained from his knee — his left knee. Not the one he injured last year but the one he had surgically repaired in 2008. Then Tuesday he left the game with pain and returned later wearing a sleeve over it. Not good.

Now Roy and general manager Rich Cho — along with Greg Oden — are headed to Los Angeles to visit a knee specialist. It would probably be cheaper if the Blazers just put orthopedic doctor Neal Elattrache on retainer.

The doctor will determine the course of action. Could be rest and fewer minutes, could be surgery. It’s a wide spectrum.

Roy is the guy that makes the Blazers offense go. And it is going — they are fifth in the league in offensive efficiency and that has helped lead Portland to a 6-3 record to start. However, this is November and when the Blazers really need Roy right is April and May.

Any absence of Roy hurts the Blazers a lot. He is the core of the team, and while Rudy Fernandez has played well he is no Roy. The drop off is steep. The Blazers would feel it in their record and with that currently efficient offense.

As of today Roy is expected to be with he team on a three-game road trip that starts Friday in Oklahoma City. Stay tuned to see if that changes.