LeBron says Heat are not showboating. Really? They should do more.


It’s certainly a show when the Miami Heat come to town — a high-flying acrobatic circus of shots and athleticism.

Which has led a few to suggest that the Heat are about the show more than anything. That they are showing off.

LeBron James will have none of that, as he told the Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel.

“We’re just an athletic team, just making plays,” James said following practice at American Airlines Arena. “There’s nothing circus about it. Everyone wants to put a ‘Showtime’ or ‘showboating’ on us. Nah, we just made plays. It’s not circus.”

The Heat’s “showboating” dunks and flashy plays tend to come in transition, which is also when they are the most efficient. They are unstoppable in the open court. The Heat need to run more — the more flash, the faster the tempo they play at, the more games they will win. The show will be secondary. But they are not there yet — they are in the bottom five in the league in pace. Frankly, it would be better for them if they ran more and showboat more if that comes with it. Then it really would be all about winning.