Allen Iverson has landed in Turkey, photos are classic


We promise we will not be bringing you wall-to-wall coverage of Allen Iverson in Turkey. Even though when the European Turkish fans watch him jack up contested 15 footers ignoring the open guy beyond the arc, we want to see their faces.

However, we do bring you this: The American basketball icon has landed in the land of his new team and the photos from the airport — like the one on the right — are classic. Too good to ignore. The Washington Post’s Michael Lee said it best on twitter:

Man, those photos of Allen Iverson arriving in Turkey look like he’s been taken hostage.

Iverson’s arrival in Turkey was delayed after he missed his first flight over. Read into that whatever you wish. Iverson signed a two-year, $4 million deal with Besiktas Cola Turkey of Istanbul.

I’d say this is the last of us taking about Iverson in Turkey, but if everything is as eye-catching as these photos we’ll bring you more.