Deron Williams decides to go ahead and kill the Clips on his schedule


The Clippers battled last night. They really did. Without Baron Davis (fatness), without Blake Griffin (fouled out), without Eric Gordon (injury), they still managed to tie the Jazz with 7 seconds to go in double overtime. Then, of course, Deron Williams decided he’d played enough minutes and would like to go home. Williams took the inbounds, jetted down the court, and… just watch the video above.

And that’s how you bury the Clippers. Craig Smith’s driving layup wouldn’t go and the Clippers come up short, again.

Thing is, though, this wasn’t your usual Clippers failfest. The team manged to fight tooth and nail, didn’t surrender possessions in a stupid manner, and didn’t have guys taking habitual bad shots. They worked their offense, played good defense, and kept Utah from being able to hit the two-possession lead that opposing teams drown in down the stretch.  The Clippers lost, but they looked good in doing so. They just need a few more components to get where they need to. And Blake Griffin to stay out of foul trouble.

For Utah? That’s Deron Williams. No hesitation, no waiting for the defense to set while you try and get a good shot. Take your opportunity and jet. For the win.